About PuppetMaster Education

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PuppetMaster is an educational animation app invented by a mom.

Hi! My name is Michal Finegold. I’m a mom, a programmer, and a computer animation professional. I wanted to make a different sort of app for our kids – one that empowers them to create, not just consume. An app that actually encourages kids to step away from the screen and go make something. So I made PuppetMaster. It’s really grown in popularity in schools, and I wanted to make it easy for teachers and homeschooling parents to use PuppetMaster to meet academic standards while encouraging creativity. I’m so excited to be part of the arts integration movement and help keep arts and crafts alive and balanced with the amazing digital tools that are available to our kids. So – here it is! A bunch of lesson plans you can incorporate into your curriculum, aligned with Common Core and ISTE standards. I hope you like them.

Download the app here on the app store.
For more info please visit: www.puppetmaster.com.
And hey, let me know what you think! Drop me a line at: michal@shmonster.com

We’re excited to partner with the fantastic Guinevere Hedden of Spark Education Solutions. Gwen is an Educational Technologist and Instructional Coach.  She has extensive experience in classroom teaching, technology implementation, curriculum design and revision, professional development, and teacher coaching. She has been published by the AACE, and presented her study at the 2017 Ed Media International Conference in DC. Gwen is the one writing these lesson plans so thoroughly, I do the pretty art and animation parts, and together we’re hoping to bring you something amazing for your educational needs!